Double Digits!

This amazing girl hit double-digits at the very end of September!  It’s hard to believe that now makes TWO sets of double-digits in this family!  She has always been a little ray of sunshine (my little birthday gift♥︎) and continues to be so.  She loves to dance, to draw, play games, and choreograph shows with her friends.  She loves little ones and can’t wait until she is old enough to babysit!  I love her free spirit, love of life and her silly faces & voices!  She has a servant’s heart which we know God will use in amazing ways.  To balance it all out, she is a little rough-and-tumble and will knock you down with hugs if you don’t brace yourself against the tackle (I may or may not know from experience). 🙂

It’s tough getting these kids to do ‘photo shoots’ these days (has it ever been easy??), but after some convincing I usually manage to get a few shots before they are off to the next thing!  I love my little big girl and can’t wait to see all the places she will go!


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