And then there was a ‘tween’

This sweet girl entered a new stage of her childhood and I’m having a hard time accepting it as a reality. 😳  Eleven years old and such a little beauty.  We are so proud of the girl she is!  Outspoken, determined, highly affectionate, detailed, sassy, Daddy’s girl.  Oh, and I can’t wait to see how long it takes for her to pass mom up in the height department (hint: um, not long)!  The good news is, we almost wear the same shoe size! 😜

Her big day was actually last week, but we finally snagged a few photos – a birthday tradition around here – to commemorate her passage to tween-hood (which she is very proud of, I might add)!  This is what I call a ‘micro-session’… 10 min’s flat to humor mom after piano lessons… and then on with her day (“Mom, are we done yet?”)!

Love her!

{And yes, you may notice subtle streaks of blue and pink (hair chalk) in her hair.  It goes with her nails.  😁}



Oh and a quick shot with sis/BFF 💜



  1. Mom says:

    Seriously…how can this be? What a beautiful smile I see on these photos… I sure do love this sweet Kinley! <3 Beautiful, inside and out!!!!

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