Salt, sand & smiles

I had an amazing time at the beach with one my favorite families to photograph!  I mean… have you seen them??  Gorgeous.  And I promise you – they are just as fun as they are beautiful.  🙂

We were excited to have them visit us here for a few days, and of course we didn’t let a family photo opportunity go by.  Not to mention the fact that it was baby’s first birthday!  A ‘cake smash’ on the beach??  Yes, please!  We may have had to battle some high winds and a storm off-shore.. but the result was worth it — a beach to ourselves, intense stormy skies and RAINBOWS (yesss!).  I hope you enjoy a few favorites from our evening! (It was seriously hard to not post them all!)

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Birthday Girl

Well, I may be more than a month behind, but I thought it would be fun to do a post for my big girl who hit double-digits in May~!  I almost refuse to believe that I have a 10 year old.  Someone please explain how a decade becomes a blink?  Anyway, for her special day (and since Grandma was here to watch the other three) we took her for a special breakfast date all by herself.  When you are the oldest of four kiddos, ‘alone time’ with both parents is truly a treat. 🙂  After breakfast we stopped for a quick little photo shoot downtown near the marina and the bridge.  Ironically, it was actually cloudy and COLD that morning so we shivered a bit through it!   This girl is crazy in love with her daddy (can you tell?) and I’m thinking she is never going to be old to be held by him.  So sweet.

So thankful for my beautiful first-born!~

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♥︎Wedding Words♥︎

Last weekend my cousin’s firstborn became a bride!  She was a GORGEOUS one at that.  Sadly, we couldn’t attend because of travel distance, but we thought about (and prayed for) them all day and thankfully got some photo updates from family!  It’s somewhat surreal when my mind sees the *little* girl that once walked down the aisle at my wedding as a sweet flower girl…knowing that she is now a bride herself.  Wow.  We are so very happy that she has found the ONE that her soul loves… and that he is equally loved by our whole family!♥︎♥︎

My mom ‘commissioned’ me to design a piece of personal art for the sweet bride and groom to have as a keepsake/gift.  It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!  We love them dearly and pray that they have an amazing lifetime together filled with love & laughter!




Fabulous Fam of Four {family session}

I managed to get one last photo shoot in before leaving NC…!  We were definitely blessed to serve alongside this beautiful family during our time there.   They love, lead, and serve the body of Christ, and certainly love and serve each other.  You can’t help but smile around them… and we will miss them for sure!

We talked about doing a shoot for a while and I’m glad we were finally able to make it happen before we left on our new adventure.  We cut it close, but we had a blast wandering and snapping some family moments.  Here are a few fav’s from our downtown session!~



Our big adventure is rapidly approaching and is becoming more and more of a reality!  Boxes are beginning to fill up (however slowly) and all the details are being worked out.    The reality of Awaken City Church is on the near horizon and we are so excited to see how (and who) God provides!  St. Augustine, ready or not, here we come!


This adventure is unlike the many that we have already experienced.  This time God has asked us to trust Him in a very complete way.  We have to trust Him to bring the right people beside us… we have to trust that He will provide the finances we need to both live and launch… we have to trust that He will raise up His church in his perfect time!  As we’ve walked through smaller steps of faith throughout our lives, God has continually proved that He will always go before us and provide our needs, even if the timing seems last minute.  He has also grown our faith through the stories of those that have been called out with us!

I love the song “Oceans” and it seems a perfect representation of what we are experiencing right now in our lives!  Not only are we moving near the ocean 😉  ..we are being called out in the ‘great unknown, where feet may fail’.  I put together this print (using one of my St. Augustine beach photos) and a quote from the song as a reminder of our calling and as an inspiration to continually look to Him to keep us above water.  We are moving forward where each step isn’t yet clear…and *must* keep our eyes on the One who has asked to make this incredible commitment in the first place!

If you would like an 8×10 copy of the print, feel free to click the image above to download!  Please credit Kelli  For personal use only!